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Finally decided to rebuild my computer after 5 years!  I’ve decided to go with a Intel Core 2 Quad!  My reasoning for going quad for a desktop is I want to play with some different operating systems in a virtual environment.  I’ve been interested in trying out Open Solaris to see what it’s really made of.   As far as a hypervisor I’m not quite sure whether to use XEN or VMWare.  VMware is the more familiar of the two so I will probably give that a go.  If anyone thinks I should try Xen instead please let me know.

The vitals:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor
Foxconn FC-P43A socket LGA775 motherboard
Hitachi 1TB 3.5″ SATA internal hard drive

It’s not top of the line but definitely a decent mid point to start at!


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Sun’s plan of zero data centers by 2015 is very ambitious but achievable, instead of having their data centres down they hall they’ll be a few miles away. Sun has realized that by outsourcing their datacentre management it is cheaper than having themselves manage it. Their biggest challenges they will face is migration is their current data and practices to this new platform and developing the tools to do this. Currently the tools are not here yet to do this but they are taking a gamble that within 7 years they should be able to do this. I’m sure virtualization will be a standard by then and software as a service will be the norm. With virtual machines becoming very stable and reliable they will have eliminated the problem of having to walk into the room and reset a machine. Which other than swapping out dead hardware is probably their only physical need to have the machine in a reachable location.

There are some other interesting write ups on this at the following blogs from Nick Carr and at InsideHPC.com

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