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cat script.sh

#! /bin/bash

wget http://www.clusterresources.com/downloads/torque/torque-2.5.2.tar.gz
tar xvzf torque-2.5.2-tar.gz

cd torque-2.5.2


make -j

make install

make packages

./torque.setup root

killall pbs_server
for node in  node001 node002


echo $node np=8 >> /var/spool/torque/server_priv/nodes

echo “Deploying clients and mom’s on $node”

scp torque-2.4.8/torque-package-mom-linux-x86_64.sh $node:/tmp

scp torque-2.4.8/torque-package-clients-linux-x86_64.sh $node:/tmp

ssh $node “/bin/bash /tmp/torque-package-mom-linux-x86_64.sh –install ;/bin/bash /tmp/torque-package-clients-linux-x86_64.sh –install ;killall pbs_mom;sleep 3;/usr/local/sbin/pbs_mom”



echo “Finished”


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Interesting article at HPCWire,  Parallel Programming: Some Fundamental Concepts

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Earlier this week Silicon Graphics was purchased by Rackable systems for 25mill.  It also looks like Sun will be gobbled up to the tune of 7 Billion next week by IBM and Twitter the social tool could be purchased by Google.  Recessions are very interesting times!

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Really interesting read on what Google data centers are comprised of.

Google’s big surprise: each server has its own 12-volt battery to supply power if there’s a problem with the main source of electricity. The company also revealed for the first time that since 2005, its data centers have been composed of standard shipping containers–each with 1,160 servers and a power consumption that can reach 250 kilowatts.

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IBM’s Deep Computing unit is pushing hard in the HPC space again!  A few questions come to mind, can the code scale?  How do you administer such a system?  With 1.6 million cpu’s is there someone constantly walking around the system exchanging failed cpu’s and memory.

Code-named Sequoia, the supercomputer has been ordered up by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration, an agency that has long relied on IBM to provide the supercomputing muscle to safeguard the nation’s nuclear stockpile. Advertisement Sequoia will include 1.6 million microprocessors – more than 10 times as many as were built into last summer’s Roadrunner.

Roadrunner, which also performs computer simulations to keep nuclear weapons safe, is deployed at the Department of Energy’s Los Alamos lab, where it consists of 288 refrigerator-sized racks that take up 6,000 square feet – more than twice the size of the average American home.

Sequoia will be almost half that size, housed in 96 refrigerator-sized racks occupying just 3,422 square feet.

But despite its smaller footprint, when it is put into action in 2012 it will be more powerful than the combined performance of the top 500 supercomputers in the world today.

Sequoia is scheduled for delivery in 2011 and will go into service in 2012.

Full article:  http://www.lohud.com/article/20090203/BUSINESS01/902030335

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There are deals to be had out there!  Two companies with a lot of intellectual property and reputable names, SGI and SUN.  Who are likely suitors to purchase them DELL, only issue is both companies are loosing money and are not profitable.

If Dell where to purchase SGI they could strengthen their HPC offerings and could use SGI to bolster those services.  Will they make much money if they were to purchase them, it’s hard to say?  The HPC market is a tough place to do business, for a market that is experiencing a large amount of growth it tends to kill off a lot of players.  Linux Networx went bust earlier this year and SGI who bought most of their assets is receiving notice from Nasdaq about a delisting.  If Dell were to acquire SGI it would definitely strengthen their in house services for HPC which I think would be a win for Dell and help them get a larger chunk of that area.

The more likely of the two is that Dell will acquire SUN Microsystems.  Why?  They need something to bolster their services offering and with SUN trading around at its lowest point in years now is a great time to buy them.  They have many great products and a large collection of IP that will give Dell value in the long run.  This will make them more competitive against the likes of IBM and HP who recently acquired EDS.  They need more of an edge in the Data Center where the money is and this will give them at leverage.

Anyhow just my thoughts, we’ll see what happens.  There are a lot of bargains out there and cash rich companies will start acquiring weaker companies in the new year.

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Cloud Computing

Since I work for a company and help provide solutions in the Cloud Computing space I thought I’d write a bit about it, my comments are below.

There is a lot of buzz surrounding Cloud Computing, a quick search on Google will provide you hundreds of articles and blogs weighing in on the buzz.  Dell tried to patent it, you can get it at Amazon but how long until it’s a widely used commodity such as electricity or water?  Right now it’s too hard to tell when that point of acceptance or need will come.  I read a nice short history about CC (Cloud Computing) here and Nick Carr has dedicated his recent career, blogging and publishing a book about CC as a commodity called The Big Switch.  I partially read the book and got bored of it because I talk about Cloud Computing at work daily.  I agree with the premise that CC will be a commodity but when will be the point that it’s no longer a how or when but a now?

What I’ve seen is that people are still coming to grips with the underlying fabric to build these services on.  They are not quite sure what they need to use to get a CC service in place.  They are not really sure if they have a business case for building a CC resource either.  Then there is the question about the underlying mechanisms do you build it on.  Do I use virtualization? Do I pxe boot the nodes? Or should we build a framework to build apps on such as Facebook developer?  Also how do I monitor, grow, shrink and trigger such events?

The one thing that I do know is this, the tools are there to do it now, you just need the resources, a case to do so and some good old fashioned Balls!

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